Weight Regain after Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric Surgery is without doubt the most effective treatment option for obesity currently available.

Obesity is however a chronic disease that cannot be ‘cured’ by surgery alone.

Weight Loss surgery provides a powerful tool but without proper care and attention (dietary, behavioural and psychological change) the tool will lose its effectiveness, leading to weight regain.

Studies show that after 5 years almost half of patients have regained a significant amount of weight.

Incorporating substantial dietary, exercise, lifestyle and mind set changes are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss goals.

You need to be committed to the process of change; dietary, exercise, lifestyle and psychological change, these are essential for a satisfactory weight loss following your weight loss surgery and long term weight maintenance. It is vital that you work on these areas with your Bariatric team post surgery.

When choosing your bariatric provider, it is essential that your Aftercare Programme is all encompassing and that you commit to working with the Bariatric team.

‘The Gateway Health all encompassing After Care Package is the Gold standard’
Mr Roger Ackroyd, leading UK Consultant Bariatric Surgeon.


What are the causes of weight regain?

Behavioural or emotional

Often the culprit is poor adherence to the necessary long term dietary and exercise habits. Various causes lead to poor adherence:

  • Poor time management skills – busy lives, little time for planning meals, convenience foods
  • Limited cooking skills – relying on convenience foods as not sure how to prepare and cook nutritious meals
  • Little nutritional knowledge – lack of understanding what foods are healthy choices, confusion over conflicting information available online.
  • Emotional eating – stress eating, eating to change mood, depression, anxiety
  • Lack of physical exercise – Regular activity is vital for long term weight maintenance
  • Lack of support – poor after care from bariatric provider, lack of support from family and friends. Sabotage from others

It not unusual for someone not feel able to stick to the dietary and exercise advice given by their Bariatric team, or they were not provided with a robust after care package from their bariatric provider. Or they were able to stick to the dietary and exercise advice for the first year or so but then got off track and returned to previous bad habits.

The key is prevention, at Gateway Health we create a comfortable, safe, supporting environment where our patients feel at ease to share their difficulties with food, lifestyle and emotional struggles. We provide knowledge, support and appropriate interventions.


  • Pouch dilatation – can be diagnosed with a barium swallow test Radiologically
  • Anastamotic dilatation – can be diagnosed with endoscopy
  • Gastric band system failure…. puncture in tubing, port disconnection, band slippage or erosion leading to removal of the gastric band)


  • Thyroid issues
  • New medication
  • Adrenal issues
  • Kidney and heart problems
  • Pregnancy

These issues are very uncommon, however if you are concerned and feel that your weight regain is not due to the result of poor habits, you should see your G.P 0r consult an experienced bariatric team.