Weight Regain after a Gastric Band

During the first year post surgery it is vital to adopt new dietary habits, exercise patterns, lifestyle habits and to change your mindset otherwise you are likely to return to the weight you were before surgery.

Bariatric surgery requires commitment and compliance from the patient, surgery alone will not prevent weight gain for the rest of your life. Only a healthy balanced diet and exercise routine will help to maintain weight loss long term.

Emotional difficulties can often lead to reverting to old bad habits, the habits that led to obesity in the first place. It is therefore essential that emotional needs are addressed. You can often overcome these difficulties with understanding and professional guidance.

If you are experiencing lifestyle or emotional difficulties and weight regain please do not be disheartened or embarrassed, the sooner you seek dietary and psychological help, the more likely you are able to get back on track and prevent a large increase in weight.

However you may have experienced complications with your gastric band, you may feel it has lost its effectiveness, or you may have had your band removed and you may be looking at your future options going forward.

Gastric Banding has the highest rate of re-operation of all bariatric procedures.

Sometimes revisional surgery or removal of the gastric band is required and sometimes the patient chooses to convert to a different bariatric procedure.

Gastric Band Removal:

Band Slippage:

This occurs when the Gastric band moves down the stomach, creating a much bigger pouch above the band. Sometimes this can be resolved by removing all fluid from the band, sometimes surgical repositioning of the Gastric Band is needed. However Gastric Band removal is necessary in some cases.


This happens when over a period of time, the gastric band rubs against against the stomach, resulting in the band eroding through the stomach wall or the actual gastric band device eroding. This requires surgery to remove the band.

Gastric Band Leakage:

The gastric band is a man made device and as such weaknesses in the plastic can lead to a leak. If a loss of restriction is noticed over time and after a gastric band adjustment, then there may be a leak in the system. X Ray will be required to diagnose a leak. If A leak is diagnosed then further suregry will be required.

Oesophageal Dilatation:

This can occur if the gastric band was placed incorrectly at the time of surgery or it has been filled too tightly, or as a result of binge eating.

Food can put pressure on the oesophagus, causing it to dilate/stretch. Sometimes removing fluid from the band can help, however the band may need to be removed.

Pouch Dilatation:

This is similar to the above (oesophageal dilatation), except the upper stomach (the pouch) dilates/stretches. This can cause vomiting and acid reflux. Lowering the level of restriction an help. Sometimes surgery is required to reposition the band. However some people choose to have the gastric band removed.

Band intolerance:

There are a small percentage of patients who  will reject having a foreign object in their body.

Physical adverse symptoms from the band (nausea, vomiting, discomfort, acid reflux)

The Gastric Band may need to be removed, removal will give immediate symptom relief.

Band or port  infection:

Infection of the Gastric Band can indicate that the band may have eroded into the stomach, if antibiotics are not effective, the port or band may need to be removed.


Removal of the Gastric Band will lead to weight regain in many patients.


Convert to another bariatric procedure:

The removal of the Gastric Band and conversion to the Sleeve Gastrectomy (Gastric Sleeve) or conversion to the Gastric Bypass (Roux-en-Y) can usually be performed in one operation.


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