Weight Loss Surgery Grimsby

Grimsby Clinic

St Hughs Hospital, Grimsby

St Hughs Hospital, Peaks Lane, Grimsby, DN32 9RP


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We are a highly qualified experienced team of  bariatric experts who are committed to providing compassionate, caring, individualised care.

We offer only safe, time served, evidence based weight loss surgeries.

We understand ‘eating less and exercising more’ is easier said than done. We are well aware that there are biological, metabolic, behavioural and psychological barriers to losing weight and keeping it off long term.

We guide you through every stage pre and post operatively, making it as smooth and relaxing as possible.

Our Gold Standard After Care Programme addresses dietary, exercise, behavioural and psychological issues, resulting in superior weight loss results and long term weight maintenance.

Our free consultations are face to face appointments in a caring, understanding environment, helping you to make a fully informed decision.

We offer competitively priced surgery (with no hidden costs) and aftercare packages.

‘My aftercare from Roger Ackroyd (Consultant Surgeon), Louise Hague (Consultant Nurse) and Nerissa Walker (Specialist Dietitian) has been exemplary and without these people I would not have got through the past year. They have all been brilliant and have gone above and beyond for me and have always been available to contact at any time.’ Vanessa Hunt

‘I have so much more energy, more confidence, no blood pressure tablets and I feel amazing! I’m so grateful to everyone at Gateway Health and to Louise for her ongoing support.’ Zoe Redfern


Mrs S from Grimsby decided to have her aftercare with Gateway Health as she wanted to get the best possible results from her weight loss surgery, after having surgery some time ago she needed some coaching and support as well as band adjustments to enable her to get the most from her band….this is what she says about our standard of care…..

‘I had my gastric band surgery as my final resort to lose this weight. My weight had been going up year  after year and enough was enough. I had to do something about it. I had the gastric band surgery. The company I went with wasn’t very good although the surgery went well the aftercare was very below standard and had very little support. Then a few months later I came across Gateway Health who have been so brilliant with me, even though I didn’t have the surgery with them they still cared for me like I had. They really do know their stuff and got me back on track and achieving a very good weight loss. They gave me lots of advice and taught me a lot about the band. I am now much more confident about controlling my weight because I know I’ve got the support behind me. ”
I couldn’t have done it without them and anyone out there that is thinking of having weight loss surgery should look no further. Gateway Health provides the best care and you will not regret using this company. The nursing team are fantastic and I owe them a lot. My only regret is that I didn’t have my surgery with them as well. I would highly recommend Gateway to anyone struggling with excess weight and considering weight loss surgery.’

Gateway Health 0345 9000 339

UK Leading Bariatric surgeon, outstanding aftercare….. all at competitive prices