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Gateway Health have devised and now deliver the most successful weight loss surgery aftercare programme that has ever been used in conjunction with both the Gastric balloon and Gastric band. The programme consists of both educational elements with lifestyle change adaptation. In a recent study, patients of Gateway health showed an average of 73.5% excess weight loss in the first 6 months. Previous similar studies show between 30-33% excess weight loss over the same period.

The weight loss surgery aftercare programmes although similar in nature are also specific to both procedures, with emphasis on giving the patient the knowledge and help they require to make long term changes to their lifestyle which lead to weight loss.

Weight loss surgery aftercare available to all throughout the UK
At Gateway Health we believe that every patient deserves the best possible outcome from their weight loss surgery that is why you can join the world’s most successful weight loss surgery aftercare programme even if you had you gastric band or gastric balloon procedure performed at another clinic or even abroad. Simply complete our online form or

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