Weight Loss Surgery Aftercare

Gateway Health After Care Programme 

  • Aftercare delivered by Bariatric specialists
  • Daily calls as required post surgery
  • 1-1 clinical appointments at a choice of clinical venues and/or or telephone/Skype reviews to suit your lifestyle
  • Dietary support
  • Behavioural lifestyle change support
  • Safe exercise/activity advice
  • Psychological interventions as required

Many of our patients have a history of dysfunctional eating behaviours. Without the appropriate level of support, many patients would fail to achieve a good weight loss result.

A good relationship with food is central to your emotional well being. Restructuring your relationship with food is an expert job which should be carried out with a Practitioner with the appropriate experience and qualifications in the psychology of eating.

Your After Care will be tailored to your individual needs. For example your treatment may cover aspects such as helping to deal with emotional eating, stress management, stabilising hunger, changing attitudes and behaviours, dealing with negative thoughts, sabotage and dealing with trigger foods/situations.

Weight loss surgery – just the beginning

All Surgical weight loss procedures should be seen as physical tools only as they require a commitment from the patient if they are to fulfill their potential as the definitive answer to long term weight loss and maintenance.

The surgery must be combined with specialist aftercare to achieve excellent long term weight loss and maintenance, improving overall quality of life and psychological well being


To find out more about the Gateway Health weight loss surgery aftercare programme call 0345 9000 339