Weight Loss Surgery Aftercare

The ultimate weight loss surgery after care programme – the consultant’s choice

Features of our longterm aftercare programme:

  • Aftercare delivered by weight loss experts.
  • All practitioners are qualified to the highest level in their individual speciality.
  • Unlimited clinical band adjustments.
  • 24 hour access for urgent advice from a qualified practitioner- every day of the year.
  • Emotional/psychological support from an appropriately qualified practitioner.
  • Nutritional advice.
  • Safe exercise support and advice.
  • As required clinical appointments at a choice of clinical venues.
  • NIOPPS registered (National Institute of Obesity Practice Programme Standards)
  • The provision of appropriate emotional and psychological support is a vital component of your aftercare package.
  • Lifetime support

Many of our patients have a history of dysfunctional eating behaviours. Without the appropriate level of support many patients would fail to achieve a good weight loss result.

A good relationship with food is central to your emotional well being. Restructuring your relationship with food is an expert job which should be carried out with a Practitioner with the appropriate experience and qualifications in the psychology of eating.

Your support at Gateway Health will be tailored to your individual needs. For example your treatment may cover aspects such as help dealing with emotional eating, stress management, stabilising hunger, changing attitudes and behaviours, dealing with negative thoughts, sabotage and dealing with trigger foods/situations.

You can be assured that the Gateway Health team will deliver the highest standard of care.

A high percentage of our new patients come to us through personal recommendation, either from health professionals or our own patients.

We have a reputation for absolute excellence. Our results speak for themselves.

Why our patients lose more weight

Gateway Health have devised and now deliver the most successful weight loss surgery aftercare programme that has ever been used in conjunction with weight loss surgery. The programme lasts for a minimum of 12 months and consists of both educational elements with lifestyle change adaptation. In a recent study, patients of Gateway health showed an average of 73.5% excess weight loss in the first 6 months. Previous similar studies show between 30-33% excess weight loss over the same period.

Our weight loss surgery patients follow a similar programme which is already showing superb weight loss results. This aftercare programme runs for up to 3 years and consists of educational elements, lifestyle change adaptation and sessions with our experienced bariatric dietician.

These programmes, although similar in nature, are specific to each procedure and are tailored to the individual patient’s precise requirements. We place great emphasis on giving the patient the knowledge and support they require to make long term changes to their lifestyle which will help their weight loss.

Maintain a stable weight

Once a patient has reached their weight loss/ body shape goal then weight stabilisation is achieved through adaptation of principles learnt during their programme.

Weight loss surgery – is just the beginning

All our procedures should be seen as physical tools only, as they require a commitment from the patient if they are to fulfill their potential as the definitive answer to long term weight stability. The gastric balloon and the gastric band are very powerful tools that if used correctly can help patients to achieve their long term weight goals and assist them in ensuring a healthy weight profile in the future. The gastric sleeve (sleeve gastrectomy) and gastric bypass (roux en Y bypass) are complex surgeries which must be combined with expert aftercare to achieve excellent long term health benefits and increase life expectancy.

The decision as to which procedure (gastric balloon, gastric band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass) is correct for an individual should be made by the individual, after consultation with a specialist who has the training and education to be able to help them make that choice. Gateway Health believe that the best people to do this assessment, are specially trained nurses. Nurses trained in all aspects of care of patients undergoing either gastric band or gastric balloon are able to assess the individuals suitability for either gastric banding or gastric balloon based on information given by the patient and an in depth interview which usually lasts approximately an hour.

The Gateway health weight loss surgery aftercare process

After weight loss surgery patients are looked after by their own specialist nurse who is able to help them through out the initial post procedure period and then on to the programme that is most suitable to them.

Educational information on all our procedures is given before the procedure of choice and afterwards. It is delivered in easily understood language and in a format that allows patients to study it at their convenience. Behavioural, emotional and dietary input is essential to give the individual the knowledge they will need to take them forward successfully.

To find out more about the Gateway Health weight loss surgery aftercare programme call 0845 9000 339 or complete our online information request form