Gateway Health welcomes the findings of the NCEPOD

Gateway Health welcomes the findings of the NCEPOD findings reported. Since starting in 2006 Gateway Health has produced world beating results from its bariatric after care programmes. We continue to publish results that leave patients in no doubt which programmes will give them the best chance of a great long term outcome of their bariatric surgery.

As the NCEPOD report states, a multi-disciplinary team approach is the most effective care package and we have pioneered that approach since our inception. Using world leading surgeons, gastro-enterologists and nurses to lead our care teams, we continually produce great results and help set the standards used by organisations like The National Institute of Obesity Programme Practice Standards (NIOPPS). We accept their guidance and standards set, and ensure that we meet those standards for all our patients.

In recent times, we have seen a 10 fold increase in the number of patients who come to our clinics having had surgery with other companies. These patients are often at the end of their tether, and more often than not blame themselves for poor weight loss results. Some of these patients are as much as 4 years post surgery. It is our experience that in most cases it is poor education and aftercare that is the root cause, and we work hard with those patients to correct this with great success.

We feel that more power needs to be given to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to deal with poor performing clinics and services. Monitoring of results of all patients is critical to this, as such we publish our results for all to see (A requirement of NIOPPS registration).