Gastric Band Surgery with Gateway Health

Having Gastric Band surgery with Gateway Health means you benefit from an unrivalled team of gastric band specialists. Our gastric band surgeons are drawn from the most experienced surgeons in the UK. With gatewayhealth weight loss clinics throughout the UK you are never far from your gastric band aftercare team. Even if you had your gastric band fitted overseas or another clinic in the UK, you are still welcome to join the gateway health gastric band aftercare support programme for gastric band adjustment and lifestyle support and advise.

Gastric Band

Gastric band surgery is becoming increasingly popular, either as a last resort for the morbidly obese or to provide a quicker way to lose weight for those who are prepared to undergo gastric band surgery.

The gastric band procedure, which reduces the amount of room for food in the stomach, has been in use since the mid-1980s and the number of gastric band operations is increasing by approximately 10% each year.

The average weight loss for people having a gastric band is up to 50% of their excess weight in the two years, after they have a gastric band fitted people almost immediately cut the risk of diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure.

Benefits of a Gastric Band

  • The Gastric Band has a very high success rate for short
    and long term weight loss
  • Gastric band surgery can improve health problems associated with obesity
  • Gastric Band surgery does not involve cutting or stapling the stomach
  • Gastric Band surgery is reversible
  • Gastric Bands are adjustable to assist your weight loss

Gastric Band patient information
It is important that we all see the use of the gastric band in weight loss not just as an operation but as a process of care by a team which commences before the gastric band is placed and continues afterwards.

Gastric Band – Team approach
There must be a partnership between yourself and the team. Success will only occur if both partners contribute. The team must fulfil their role, by placing the band correctly, expert follow up and advice must be given in a way that you can understand. You in turn must be committed to following the rules regarding eating, exercise and activity, and keep in contact with the team looking after you.

Commitment to Gastric Band Surgery
You should not consider having a gastric band procedure unless you are totally committed to fulfilling your part of the partnership.

You will be given a separate diet sheet which has rules for eating post procedure. The essence of these rules are;

A maximum of 3 small good quality meals per day.

No snacks between meals.

Each meal has to be solid food.

There should be minimal liquid calories per day, from tea coffee and mineral water etc.

You must eat foods that have good protein content, such as meats, egg dishes, fish, beans and lentils and food that have a high fibre content, such as breakfast cereals, fruit and vegetables.

Limit foods that are high in fat and simple sugars.

Most importantly you learn to eat slowly and a very small volume of food at each meal.

Gastric Band and you
You must also learn to increase your energy output. There must be an increase in activities such as walking and swimming.

Gastric Band – maintaining your weight loss
The primary focus of the gastric band effect is on the amount of weight that is lost. We expect that on average people who have the procedure will lose between 1/2 and 2/3 of their excess weight in 1 – 2 years post procedure. This is an average, and it will depend on the individual, some more and some less. Because we have control over the gastric restriction, we have the confidence that we can achieve more weight loss without interfering with the quality of life. We don’t want to have a severe restriction on normal living patterns.