About Weight Loss Surgery

The most commonly heard phrase in any weight loss surgery clinic is ‘I wish I’d done it sooner’.

In every patient testimonial, magazine interview and even in online weight loss forums the most over used phrase is ‘I wish I’d done it sooner’.

If you’ve tried every diet imaginable; if you snack between meals; if you eat meals which you know are too large; if you comfort eat; if you can lose weight with a diet but then put it back on; if you have joint pain because of your weight; if you have developed diabetes because of your weight; if you take medication or have an illness which makes you gain weight – if any of those things can describe a way (or ways) that obesity affects your life, then weight loss surgery could change your life.

Weight loss surgery is often described on TV or in magazines as a ‘drastic decision’ but then in the same sentence these TV shows and articles suggest that losing weight is as simple as ‘exercising more and eating less’.  But we know that losing weight is NOT that straight forward. Obesity is multi faceted. There are environmental factors, hormonal factors, metabolic factors and psychological factors.

Weight loss surgeries are tools which aid weight loss, supporting you in your fight with obesity. There is no ‘miracle cure’ for obesity but choosing weight loss surgery is a great first step towards it. Changing habits, lifestyle and mindset are vital to ensure a good weight loss surgery and to avoid future weight regain.

Losing weight isn’t about looking great, it’s about feeling great; read about the difference weight loss surgery with Gateway Health has made to so many people and you’ll soon begin to understand why so many of our patients tell us ‘I wish I’d done it sooner’.

‘The  Gateway Health all encompassing aftercare package is the “Gold Standard”.

Mr Roger Ackroyd, Leading UK Bariatric Surgeon

Gateway Health Weight Loss After Care programme:

Emphasis is placed on giving the patient the knowledge and individualised support they require to make long term changes to their diet, lifestyle and mindset which lead to weight loss and eventually weight maintenance and improved overall quality of life and psychological well being.

After Surgery patients are looked after by their own specialist nurse  and dietitian who are able to help them throughout the initial post procedure period and then on to the programme that is most suitable to them. Patients have access to see the surgeon if required at any time in the follow up period.

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