Gastric Band Adjustments

Even if you didn’t have your gastric band fitted by Gateway Health you can still attend one of our clinics for your gastric band adjustments. At your first appointment the clinician will conduct a full assessment of your history with the gastric band as well as updating you on the latest advice and guidance for band patients prior to assessing your suitability for an adjustment. Where suitable, the nurse will then perform an adjustment. This first appointment lasts 1 hour and your future appointments will last a minimum of 30 minutes. You will need to bring information about the type and size of band you have fitted and your fill amount to the appointment.

Some patients are surprised when we tell them the appointment is 30 minutes, but it is necessary. You should be assessed at every appointment. There is little point in tightening a gastric band if the reason the patient has gained weight or has been feeling little restriction is that they haven’t been eating properly with it. You should understand that we don’t sell ‘band fills’, we provide a gastric band adjustment consultation service where every patient pays for a consultation appointment where they will be assessed.

If deemed appropriate, then fluid will be added to the band, if not the patient will be advised how they should adapt their eating behaviours to achieve satiety and good restriction. They will then be expected to go home and follow that advice and only return if the advice proves ineffective, which indicates they need an adjustment.

Weight gain or lack of restriction are not indicators of needing an adjustment if you haven’t been following the eating guidance set out for the gastric band. It’s a weight loss tool that only works if used properly. If you can only ‘eat’ liquids or suffer a lot of reflux with your band, it is too tight and that isn’t the gastric band sweet spot. It will lead to weight loss but not in a healthy, sustainable way.

Taking fluid out

If you are experiencing symptoms of over restriction, please notify the team when booking your appointment. If you are a new patient, we still need to know the type and size of your band as well as the current fill amount. If you request the nurse to empty your band, we reserve the right to request you acknowledge this by signing your consent; to bring a patient with an empty band back up to their sweet spot will normally require several adjustments, as adding too much fluid in a single appointment can cause severe swelling and is unsafe.

Legal notice

All Gateway Health gastric band adjustments are performed by trained nurses who attend regular update training. All adjustments are performed in clinic. This type of adjustment, known as a clinical band adjustment, carries a small risk of puncture to the gastric band port or tubing. Your surgeon should have informed you of this risk prior to consenting you for the procedure to fit the band. All patients seeking an adjustment are required to sign consent forms acknowledging this risk of puncture during their first appointment and absolving Gateway Health of any legal responsibility to remedy the problem in the event that a puncture occurs and where the nurse responsible has followed our accepted band adjustment protocol.

A copy of our full consent document and legal terms will be provided prior to your first appointment. You must sign this to proceed; if you are unsure please contact the team to discuss your concerns or cancel your appointment. We reserve the right to refuse treatment to patients where it is in their best interests for us to do so.