EFT for Weightloss

EFT or ’emotional freedom technique’ is a specialist therapy which has its roots in alternative medicine and holistic therapies. It is sometimes referred to as a ‘meridian therapy’. Recent clinical research has however demonstrated the effectiveness of EFT for treatment of a variety of problems that have emotional and behavioural elements, including weight loss.

Our programme of EFT for weight loss is designed by Louise King, who is Master practitioner in Eating Disorders and Obesity (approved by the British Psychological Society), Advanced EFT Practitioner and a Registered Nurse (Mental Health) specialising in the treatment of surgical weight loss patients.

How can EFT help me lose weight?

Everybody is familiar with the ‘eat less, exercise more’ mantra that is meant to be the simple solution for losing weight, but most of us realise that there is more going on than us just consuming more calories than we burn. We’ve all experienced cravings for foods, we all have a comfort food for when things aren’t going well and we want to feel better, we’ve all looked in the mirror and felt unhappy about our weight at some point in our lives – all these things are more about our psychology than about what we eat, so dieting and exercising maybe works for a bit, but in the end our mind always gets the better of us. Recognising that weight loss requires both emotional and behavioural changes is the key to losing weight and then managing your weight long term.

We use EFT to:

  • Reduce and eliminate emotional cravings
  • Eradicate addictive / compulsive behaviours
  • Recognise and change unwanted emotions
  • Recognise and change negative core beliefs
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Improve body image

How does it work?
By gently stimulating the body’s acupressure points while applying the skills of cognitive therapy, patients can be helped to understand and alter their negative core beliefs. EFT techniques can also be taught to the patient to allow them to self-regulate their emotions at home.

All EFT clinic appointments are private, 1 to 1 sessions with the specialist and last approximately 1hour 30mins.

Am I suitable for EFT for weight loss?
All patients will undergo an initial assessment by one of our specialist nurses prior to being considered for the programme. As a guide, if your BMI is between 22 and 35 you may be eligible. If your BMI is above 27, we may recommend alternative options depending on your eating profile, but you are under no obligation to choose one of those instead of the EFT for weight loss programme.

If you don’t know your BMI, please contact one of the team on the number below and they will be able to calculate the figure if you know your current weight and approximate height. To arrange a consultation for our Emotional Freedom Technique for weight loss programme, visit the ‘Contact Us‘ section, click ‘Book a consultation’ anywhere on our website or phone our head office on 0845 900 339.