Cosmetic surgery for weight loss surgery patients

Sultan Hassan is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Elite Surgical

Sultan Hassan Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Elite Surgical

Gastric band, sleeve or bypass surgery is a life changing event. Our partners at Gateway Health see fantastic changes in the lives of their patients as a result of these procedures. They work with patient’s whose pre-procedure BMI ranges from 27 right through to 65 and beyond. Our combined experience of working with patients who have higher pre-procedure BMIs is that their journey to a new life takes just a few extra steps.

Weight loss surgery produces excellent results, but patients with higher BMIs can find that their rapid weight loss leaves them with excess skin. A recent European study of high BMI patients reported that 96% experienced dermatitis, irritation and skin complaints as a result of their excess skin. Nearly two thirds of patients also reported problems buying clothes and adjusting to their new body image.

Gateway Health’s team of specialists work with patients to minimise excess skin during weight loss; their latest study has shown only 45% of high BMI Gateway Health patients chose to have a cosmetic skin contouring procedure after their weight loss surgery – this is less than half the figure reported by the University of Vienna in their study of high BMI patients.

Our cosmetic surgery partner Elite Surgical has expertise in post-weight loss body contouring to help patients who have experienced massive weight loss take their final steps towards the new life they dreamt of before their weight loss surgery. Redundant skin can act as a daily reminder of the life patients want to leave behind as well as causing other health and hygiene issues. Inelastic skin and fatty tissue deposits are difficult to reverse with exercise alone. Patients on the Gateway Health programme who choose removal of their excess skin with Elite Surgical benefit from the complete package our partnership provides – combining the leading weight loss results in the UK with aesthetic results of the highest quality.

How Long after Weight Loss Surgery should you Consider Body Contouring?
We recommend contouring only once a patient’s weight has remained stable for 2-3 months. Achieving as close to your ideal weight before choosing body contouring is advisable. Depending on the weight loss procedure – gastric band, sleeve or bypass surgery – it can take up to 18 months after the weight loss procedure to achieve a stable, ideal weight. Studies show that performing excess skin removal on patients with a BMI of 32 or lower reduces the risks of post-operative complications with the procedure.

Skin Contouring Procedures
Commonly there is a need for different types of body contouring surgery following massive weight loss. The aesthetic outcomes of body contouring tend to be better for patients close to their ideal body weight.

The most common body contouring procedures are:
Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)
Breast Uplift with/without implants
Arms and Thighs Reshaping
Face lift
Total body lift
Buttock lift
Neck Lift

Cosmetic Surgery following weight loss before and after photos.

The partnership between Elite Surgical and Gateway Health is built around a patient centred approach to treatment. We provide access to experts in their field at every step. For many patients, finally achieving their goal weight and improving their health is a massive reward which gives them a totally new lease on life. Providing an integrated programme of weight loss and plastic surgery gives every patient the opportunity to achieve a healthier and happier future.

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