Aftercare makes all the difference…


Surgical weight loss specialists all know for sure that bariatric surgery is a tool to help you lose weight. It is without any doubt the most effective proven weight loss method, but it still is not a miracle cure. Weight regain can and does happen.

Permanent dietary and activity changes need to be made and often for this to happen we need to get rid of old habits and change our mindset.

A good aftercare programme needs to support you medically, nutritionally and emotionally through the early days, weeks, months and possibly years following surgery….


Things to consider in the early weeks

What is normal, what are the physical warning signs? Who do I contact?

What should I be eating and drinking? What amount should I be eating? What texture of food should I be eating?

When can I go back to work? What activities can I do? Are my wounds ok?


And months later…………………………

My relationships are changing, some people are helpful, others not so much! How best to deal with this?

After a lifetime of an unhealthy relationship with food, how do I turn it into a new healthy relationship?

How do I deal with cravings? What’s triggering my cravings? How do I eat the ‘right’ things when I’m craving the ‘wrong’ foods?

How do I change a lifetime of habits? How do I make my new habits stick?

I used to use food to feel calmer after a stressful day at work, it used to lift my mood, ease my anxiety, what should I do now?

How do I recognise the signs of stress, depression, anxiety? What help can I get for this?

How can I change my negative thoughts?

I’m losing my motivation now a few months have passed how can I get it back?

Will I get loose skin? What can I do to help myself with this as I’m losing weight?


Check with your provider who will guide and support you along your journey……